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Materials Most Commonly Used in Marine Construction Choosing the right material for your marine construction project is a big decision to make. Not all decking materials or pilings have the same recommended use, as they all have pros and cons regarding structure and cost. Learning about all the available marine construction materials can help you choose the best option to match your needs. A dock and seawall construction company can also help you choose the

Are There New Restrictions in Florida for Building a Dock? Building a new dock is an excellent choice for many and offers a wide range of benefits. Hiring a company that specializes in marine construction is essential to ensure you are happy with the results. Using a residential dock construction company will also ensure that you comply with all of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection rules. Do Floating Docks Require Permits in Florida? Floating

Pros and Cons of Gabion Seawalls

Gabion Sea Walls

Pros and Cons of Gabion Seawalls Dealing with soil erosion is an all too common issue without a sea wall. Over time, this problem will only worsen, which is why working with a company specializing in gabion seawall construction is essential. A gabion wall is a durable choice that can play a critical role in shore erosion prevention. Learning about the pros and cons of gabion walls is always essential if you consider this option

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Marina and Dock Repair after Hurricane Ian Hurricane Ian quickly landed as a Category 4 hurricane and caused widespread damage throughout Florida. The damage from Hurricane Ian is estimated to be more than $84 billion, as many waterfront properties were severely damaged or destroyed. Reaching out to a marine construction company is essential in scheduling a storm damage assessment. These professionals can evaluate the amount of dock damage while helping you determine the best course

What is the Difference Between Bulkheads and Seawalls? Bulkheads and seawalls are two terms that are often interchanged, but there are a few key differences between them. Both structures protect the shoreline by limiting soil erosion caused by pounding waves. Reaching out to marine construction companies on the Florida Gulf Coast is always a great choice if you are looking at ways to protect your waterfront property. These professionals understand the importance of providing shoreline