Riprap & Seawall Construction

Protect your waterfront property from storms and erosion.


Seawalls, often called bulkheads, are a critical part of protecting your shoreline and upland investment.

Many homes and businesses are required to deal with erosion control and other waterfront environmental concerns. A quality seawall from HMP Marine provides a long-lasting barrier to meet these requirements and protect your property from the water.

HMP Marine uses the best synthetic corrugated vinyl or modular block retaining wall products available, installed with hot-dipped galvanized or stainless-steel hardware. Our finished seawalls create an aesthetically polished look your neighbors will envy, and you will sleep better knowing your yard is not sliding into the ocean! Seawalls are an essential element of marina erosion control.


Riprap provides additional erosion control for your shoreline property.

While many people see riprap and think it’s just a rocky jetty at the edge of the water, it actually plays two important functions. First, it protects the ground or sand of your shoreline from sliding downhill into the water, and second it absorbs the energy of wave action as it impacts the shoreline.

Riprap is a popular erosion control solution for both commercial and private settings and can even be designed to look like a natural part of your property. Grey quarried limestone and granite riprap are two popular options in the Northwestern Florida Panhandle.