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Marinas Can Have a Positive Effect on Wildlife Conservation on Florida’s Gulf Coast The Gulf Coast of Florida is a hub for diverse marine life and wildlife species. Marinas also play a crucial role in wildlife conservation. Floating docks and other types of marine construction gives you the flexibility to check out a variety of native species that live throughout Florida’s Gulf Coast. Learning all about the positive effects of marinas on wildlife conservation is

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Benefits of Having a Residential Boat Dock Even if You Don’t Have a Boat A residential boat dock is a wonderful way to enjoy waterfront property, even if you don’t own a boat. A boat dock gives you the flexibility to enjoy many outdoor activities while being near the water. Having a dock built provides an array of benefits – many of which are listed below. Hiring an experienced builder that specializes in dock installation

Types of Licenses and Insurance to Ask About When Hiring a Marine Construction Firm When getting quotes from marine construction companies in Florida, there’s more to consider than just price. Naturally, a company’s experience with custom marine construction should factor into your decision, but you also need to ensure that companies have the necessary insurance and hold a license issued by Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation. This post explains what licensing and insurance

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FAQ’s & Answers to Know Before Having a Seawall, Dock, Lift, or Marina Built The Florida Gulf Coast remains one of the best places for scheduling a marine construction project. You can easily choose from a variety of options, as many property owners prefer a boat lift, while others are more interested in building a dock or a seawall. Learning about the process of dock and seawall construction is essential in making sure everything goes

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Materials Most Commonly Used in Marine Construction Choosing the right material for your marine construction project is a big decision to make. Not all decking materials or pilings have the same recommended use, as they all have pros and cons regarding structure and cost. Learning about all the available marine construction materials can help you choose the best option to match your needs. A dock and seawall construction company can also help you choose the