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Block Retaining Wall

Advantages of Keystone Block Walls with Erosion Protection A waterfront property offers scenic views but can also come with few challenges. Severe storms, rising water, and erosion are just a few challenges impacting waterfront property. Taking a proactive approach to managing these issues saves you a lot of stress. A Keystone block wall is a terrific way to give your property much-needed protection from water damage, and it also plays a crucial role in erosion

Marine Life

Marinas Can Have a Positive Effect on Wildlife Conservation on Florida’s Gulf Coast The Gulf Coast of Florida is a hub for diverse marine life and wildlife species. Marinas also play a crucial role in wildlife conservation. Floating docks and other types of marine construction gives you the flexibility to check out a variety of native species that live throughout Florida’s Gulf Coast. Learning all about the positive effects of marinas on wildlife conservation is

home with boat dock

Benefits of Having a Residential Boat Dock Even if You Don’t Have a Boat A residential boat dock is a wonderful way to enjoy waterfront property, even if you don’t own a boat. A boat dock gives you the flexibility to enjoy many outdoor activities while being near the water. Having a dock built provides an array of benefits – many of which are listed below. Hiring an experienced builder that specializes in dock installation

Types of Licenses and Insurance to Ask About When Hiring a Marine Construction Firm When getting quotes from marine construction companies in Florida, there’s more to consider than just price. Naturally, a company’s experience with custom marine construction should factor into your decision, but you also need to ensure that companies have the necessary insurance and hold a license issued by Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation. This post explains what licensing and insurance

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FAQ’s & Answers to Know Before Having a Seawall, Dock, Lift, or Marina Built The Florida Gulf Coast remains one of the best places for scheduling a marine construction project. You can easily choose from a variety of options, as many property owners prefer a boat lift, while others are more interested in building a dock or a seawall. Learning about the process of dock and seawall construction is essential in making sure everything goes