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Private Residential Docks and Piers Investing in a residential dock or fishing pier offers many benefits. You can easily access your boat at any time, and it also adds significant value to your property. Learning about the different types of residential boat dock designs available is important in helping you find the best option to meet your needs. Hiring a company offering residential dock and fishing pier construction is also a good idea to ensure

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How Do Seawalls Protect the Coast? Shore erosion control is a significant problem in many parts of the world. Sea wall construction is becoming increasingly important as climate change reshapes weather conditions and impacts coastal communities. Exactly how do sea walls protect the coastline? Read on to discover the answer and learn more about the disadvantages of sea wall construction. The Problem of Gulf Coast Erosion Water erosion is a natural process that helps to

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Rip Rap Seawall Construction in Florida The Florida coastline is home to seawalls of many different shapes and sizes. These seawalls play a crucial role in protecting the shoreline against erosion. Rip rap rock is a common material used for seawall construction in South Florida, as it’s installed to provide stability along the baseline of a vertical seawall. Purpose of a Rip Rap Seawall The primary purpose behind the riprap design is to absorb and

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Marina Renovation and Dock Construction A boat dock can eventually wear down over time and need repair work. Years of waves can warp the marina dock and cause it to be crooked and uneven. However, sometimes the dock will deteriorate beyond the need for simple repairs, as you will need to think about a complete replacement due to safety concerns. Reaching out to a contractor offering boat dock construction services is always a worthwhile option